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dedicated to Maria Callas

Written and performed by Francesca Zoccarato

Director Dadde Visconti

Puppets Brina Babini

Marionett Jan Ruzicka

Muppet Alessandro Aresu e Mirella Salvischiani

Scenography Nadia Milani, Scefranca Tacocorza, Ferruccio Visconti, Gianni Zoccarato

Light project Paride Pantaleone

Costumes Mirella Salvischiani

Music arrangement Marco Pagani

Voice-over Matteo Belli


Artistic residency Teatro delle Briciole, Parma e Cajka Teatro d’Avanguardia Popolare, Modena

Zeus, god of gods, delivers to the Music Muse, Euterpe, a voice which will be a new spring: Anna Maria Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropoulou.


This creature's life is what happens when a god loses control of his own creative project. When Zeus realizes that what he has created is too sublime for humanity, and that his creature is more divine than the gods, he stops enjoying the game. That is the moment when human being has to pay for perfection ... and what can a Muse do, if not bow to the gods' will and to protect maternally the gift received?


Maria Callas has paid for her divine artistic spark with the solitude of her soul: too delicate to withstand the gods' indifferent power and the mortals' stingy world.


A delicate and ironic tale through images, sounds and puppet theatre in the soul of an unequaled artist, a common woman who received a gift too big for a single soul. A gift that made the world better.

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